Spent - June 2020
Spent - YTD 2020
Saved - YTD %
Saved - YTD $
13 Month Net Worth - in thousands
Asset Allocation - June 2020
Stocks Non Stocks
2020 Saving Goals

Backdoor Roth - $6,000 of $6,000Complete!

HSA - $3,050 of $3,55086%

401k - $19,500 of $19,500 Complete!

Backdoor 401k - $37,093 of $37,500 99%

Emergency Fund - $1,349 of $28,950 (beefing up e-fund to $66K or two years' expense)5%

2021 Sinking Fund (I don't count this as current year savings $ and % above) - $0 of $12,000 ($5K property tax, $6K roth, $1K misc 2021)Not Started

MOAR Savings (stretch goal due to eco situation) $14,565 - $54,50027%

June 2020 Commentaries

June spending was not a meaningful number because I got a reimbursement from my sister. YTD spending of $23,220 was more reasonable and to be honest, on the high side...

Each month I keep saving and saving. I am looking forward to fully funding all my tax advantaged accounts next month!

Some of you know where I work and so you'll know I am counting down to the days (or months or years) of getting a package. That's why I front load my tax advantaged accounts each year.

I need to remind myself not to overspend after all the buckets are filled up next month because that's typically when I go into crazy spending mode...

Savings % is overstated, until I fund 2021 sinking fund for my roth and not count it as savings this year (overly complicated I know, but that's how sinking fund works across years... I only count savings in the year they enter a savings vehicle...).